Q: Why are there two photographers?

A: Two photographers provide two different perspectives and two different shooting styles, as well as providing maximum, coordinated coverage of your event. I have worked closely with my associate photographers and they all have years of experience handling events and weddings. This enables quicker set-up and more in-depth coverage of your wedding to capture all of the unique moments. Our experience and high level of customer satisfaction are testaments to our unique approach.

Q: How much work goes into covering a wedding?

A: In addition to the actual event coverage, I typically invest over 20 hours for pre- and post-production work. Pre-production can include client meetings, photographers’ planning meeting, location scouting, and equipment maintenance/packing. Post-production involves downloading and back-up of images; editing, rotation and light retouching of images; web site preparation and posting; proof magazine production; and final album(s) layout, design and production.

Q: Regarding pricing, are there any additional charges that are not presented on the coverage pricing form?

A: I have no hidden pricing. Pricing is all inclusive for the package selected including the photography, web hosting and any other item spelled out in the selected coverage. Final print pricing is separate and optional. The online image hosting also offers an assortment of other related photo products, from a DVD slide show, greeting cards, fine art cards, albums and coffee table books. A list of upgrade options for your album of choice is avialable upon request.

Q: Do you charge for travel?

A: Travel is included for events taking place up to a 100 mile door-to-door drive. If an overnight stay is required, I will bill the hotel expense. I welcome the opportunity for regional, national or international travel. I will be happy to quote for travel costs for destination weddings.

Q: How does the online portfolio of my wedding photos work? Who has access to the photos?

A: The online portfolio is password protected and only available to those you give the user id and password information to. The sites are released to the bride & groom for first time viewing, with the option to edit any images. Once you are satisfied, you release the site to your friends and family. They are then able to go and view your wedding day as much as they want without you having to take the proof magazines to them. Should your guest(s) wish to purchase any photos, they can do so right online, freeing you from the responsibility of taking and placing an order for them.

Q: What is the turn around time for my online site to be posted, and when will I receive my proof magazines?

A: The average time frame for each is approximately 3 weeks.